USB Fan For Mobile Laptop OTG Function

Product size: 4 * 9 * 1.5 CM
Small mini, carry, watching movies, cool side can enjoy a cool cell phone fan
USB portable small fan Go to which, the standard USB interface micro USB interface,
This product is made of super high-speed static micro motor, silent, strong wind, simple sense is good
Blade and fuselage adopt environmental protection TPE rubber molding, hand accidentally met, will not scratch, super safe, super green, cool summer essential good helper
Suitable for mobile power supply, laptop, mobile phone (plug and play)
Very quiet fan operating at very low voice, the biggest voice just 25.8 decibels, silent, like the voice of the wind
Light and portable removable design, does not occupy a space to carry small fan

Bus stop waiting for the bus, take out the artifact blow blow, ?