Thunderbolt Mini Display Port To HDMI Adapter Cable


– Ideal for connecting a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini to a HDMI™ monitor/TV or projector
– High-resolution full-HD quality up to 1920 x 1080 pixels
– Double shielding for optimal reduction of electromagnetic interference
– Ferrite core for decimating remaining interference and for a good signal transmission
– The inner conductor is made of copper which ensures best transmission properties
– Complies with VESA 1.1a standard, supports audio transmission with models (approx. mid 2010) which make the sound signal available on the mini DisplayPort
– Compatible with Thunderbolt technology


Technical Details

Quality: High Quality
Connection: HDMI™ Socket / Mini DisplayPort Plug
Model: Compact Adapter
Colour: White
  1. NotebookApple 15″ MacBook Pro mit Retina
  2. NotebookApple 15″ MacBook Pro
  3. NotebookApple 13″ MacBook Pro
  4. NotebookApple 17″ MacBook Pro
  5. NotebookApple 13″ MacBook Air
  6. NotebookNotebookApple 13″ MacBook Pro mit Retina
  7. Apple MacBook
  8. NotebookApple 11″ MacBook Air