Sc8108 Multifunctional Network Cable Digital Lan Tester

NetWork Cable Tester is a special device designed for preventing and solving cable installation problems. The tests allow to verify proper installation of the cabling. Thanks to two separate elements: the transmitter and the receiver, we can test the cables which are already installed. The two RJ-45 transmitter sockets enable test the cables using only transmitter module.

The distinctive feature of the tester is LCD graphic display (4 rows per 16 signes), which ensures clear and simple results presentation.

Main features:

  • Checking open circuit, short circuit, reverse connection.
  • Exact locating of the fault.
  • Checking wiring errors in 5e, 6e, and telephone cables.
  • Measure twisted-pairs length (up to 400m).
  • Long battery life (up to 50 hours).
  • Simple and easy use.
  • Large LCD display.

In most cases the far-end of the cable is located too far to be connected to the loopback port, so it should be terminated with the far-end adapter. Fault finding is performed in Pair&length mode. If there is any short circuit, “SHORT: yz” information will be displayed (yz – the numbers of short-circuited wires). It has to be fixed before any further measurements. In the case of open circuit the device will display the distance (in meters) to the place of fault.