Rs232 To Rs485 Adapter Converter Industrial Control Systems

Adapter Converter Card access control Systems RS232 to RS485

industrial grade metal body Control Interface Converter


1. three kinds of indicators light the data traffic communication situation in time,support the transformation of RS-232 to RS-485.
2. the internal ciucuitry of converter can automatically sense the direction of data flow and enable to control itself by automatic switching.
3.RS-232 interface is connected to the computer by a DB9 female connector; the connection of RS-485 is through a DB9 connector or by the six terminals
4.Widely used in industrial automation control systems, card access control systems,
leave without pay parking lot systems, Automated banking systems,
bus fare system,
Attendance management systems,
Highway toll station systems, etc.


Product Name Data Communication Interface Converter
Compatibility EIA/TIA RS232C Standard and RS485 Standard
Type RS232 to RS485
Electric Interface RS-232 End DVP Hole Connector, RS -485 End DB 9 Needle Connector, with Connection Pole
Working Mode Asynchronism Half-duplex Differenve Transmission
Transmission Media Twisted-pair or STP
Transmission Rate 300-115.2KBPS
Transmission Distance 1200m(RS-485 End), 5m (RS-232 End)
AC Power Adapter Input: AC220V, 75mA, 50Hz

Output: 9V, 200mA

Adapter Size 10 x 6.5 x 2.2cm / 3.9″ x 2.6″ x 0.9″(L*W*T)
DB 9Pin Male to Female Cable Length  1.5m
 Net Weiht  410g
 Package Content 1 x  Data Communication Interface Converter

1 x Terminal Board

1 x DB 9Pin Male to Female Cable

1 x AC Power Adapter

*image/model no./colour shown indicative only.they may vary as per stock.specifications will remain same.

  • It is used widely in the field of electricity, industrial automatic control, IC card billing system. It is a high quality, economical data interface conversion product.
  • The RS485 Communication Converter is capable of applying between host computers, host computer and its external equipments and forms point to point, point to multi-points network