Remax Automatic Screen Lamination Machine for Smartphones

DIY Screen Protector Attachment
This screen protector attaching machine offers fast and precise screen protector attachment. Especially suitable for retail shop.

Three Extra Advantages
This machine offers easy to operate, ensuring the quality. It suits different kinds of model and screen protectors. Saving cost and convenient to suit your need.

Basics Steps to Use
Fix your phone into the machine. Adjust the rotary knob to make lifting platform parallel to your phone. Stick the sticker between the screen protector and lifting platform. Uncover tag 1 and slowly push the roller to the end. Get off the second side of the screen protector.

Compatible to:
Devices which match dimension

Manufacturer: REMAX
Dimension: 23.9*12.2*2.9cm(9.41*4.8*1.14Inch)
Weight: 258g / 9.1Oz
Compatible Smartphone Dimension: Min 11.4*8.4*0.5cm(4.49*3.31*0.2Inch) to Max 15.4*8.4*1.3cm(6.06*3.31*0.51Inch)

Package includes:
-Remax Automatic Screen Protector Attach Machine x1