Pro HDMI1.4v 1080p Arc 4k2k HDMI Cable 40m 40 Meter

Latest generation HDMI cable professional. -40m
High quality hdmi cable and high performance: version 1. 4v (1080p hd).
High speed (high speed for aflawless picture.
Compatible 3d image,
HDMI arc (audio return channel).
Hec: hdmi ethernet channel.
Cable needed for 3d tv and 3d blu-ray next generation.

Cables with integrated transponders:
– The cable 30 meters is equipped with a repeater.


This cable works with video projector

-22awg copper gauge

-Input & output connectors fixes

-Signal repeater in between and redmere chips in the hdmi connectors.

-1. 4v arc 4k*2k.