Network Digital Cable Tester SC6106

Description network Cable Tester SC6106Cable tester with LCD display that shows the results oben in a clear and complete. Enables checking UTP, FTP, TEL and BNC. The LCD displays:

  • The type of cable to be checked (UTP, FTP, TEL and BNC).
  • The ID number of the remote terminal.
  • The error detection code (OPEN, SHORT and Wrong).
  • The cable pin-out found. For it has two rows of 9 numbers where each row corresponds to a cable and each number to a pin.

The tester has two RJ45 female connectors (Main and loopback) to test installed cables (leads). You can supply a terminator that beeps for testing cables installed. It also has 2 buttons. For Coaxial Cable Test Adapter suministrans two RJ45 patch cords-Male to BNC. To check on any type of cable is supplied with two hose adapters RJ45-Male to tweezers. Powered by 4 AA 1.5V batteries. Checker professional services at a very affordable price.