Ergonomic Notebook Stand Cooling Pad Fan

Ergonomic Design:
With the sturdy engineering structure,Notepal Ergostand offer 5 differect height setiing for laptop users’better veiwing angle.
Ease the pains of neck and wrist for heavy users.
Optimal Cooling Performance
Metal mesh suface with built-in 14cm silent fan (without fan frame) performs ultimate thermal solution.
Adjustable fan speed control & on-off switch adapts to various working environments.
Great Compatibility
Two anti-slip props with adjustable width setting’design are specially for accommodating from netbook to large size notebook,including wide screen.
Easy front I/O port access for all types of laptops.
Value-added Features
USB hub for connecting to various accessories.
Two side handles for smart cable management.
Rear USB cable clips for easy cable storage.

Color: Black
Material:Metal mesh,Plastic,Rubber
Operation degree:6.5~45 degree
Fan Dimensions(W/D/H):140x140x15mm
Fan Speed(RPM):700~1400RPM
Fan noise:15 dBA(Min)
Bearing Type:Sleeve Bearing
Fan Life Expectancy:40000 hours
Compatibility:from 9′ notebook to 17′ laptop ,including widescreen.
USB Port: USB 1.1/2.0×4+Mini USBX1(for power supply only)
Cable length :6000mm
Other:4 Anti-slip Rubbers