Display Port DP Male to Display Port Cable

DisplayPort Male to 

Display Port Male Cable

Length: 1.8m

  • DisplayPort utilizes a state-of-the-art digital protocol and provides an expandable foundation to enable amazing digital display experiences. Designed for low power implementation and high performance, DisplayPort enables the next generation display technology while providing compatibility with existing equipment. Designed specifically for usage in space-constrained applications applications like ultra-thin notebooks, netbooks and graphic cards where connector space is at a premium and where display performance really matters.

    DisplayPort is designed to be the future-ready, scalable solution for high performance digital display connectivity. It enables the highest resolutions, the fastest refresh rates and deepest color depths over standard cables.

    DisplayPort has unique features and capabilities that enable exciting new types of displays and display usages. And it doesn’t require PC owners to replace all of their equipment because simple adaptors allow DisplayPort enabled devices to connect to monitors and projectors that use older technologies such as DVI, HDMI and VGA.

    Next Generation Revolutionary Display Interface Technology
    Micro-packet architecture over 1- 4 lanes
    Embedded clocking at 1.6Gbits/sec and 2.7 Gbits/sec per lane
    Auxiliary channel for bidirectional data communications
    Powered connectors (providing up to 1.5W)

    Designed Specifically for High Performance Graphics and Flat Panel Displays
    Low voltage compatibility for integration into the latest chipsets, GPU’s and display controllers
    Low power and scalable lanes for integration directly in LCD panels
    Low EMI and RFI
    Compact external connector with optional latching
    Space efficient high performance for laptops, netbooks and multi-output graphics cards

    Long Cable Support
    Up to 15 meters and beyond
    Digital plug and play experience for projectors

    High Performance is Standard
    Beyond high definition; WQXGA at 10 bit color
    Full HD 3D stereo support
    10.8 Gbps to variably support 120hz, >12 bit color, > QXGA resolution
    Ultra-low Latency for super fast response
    High performance over standard cables

    • 10.2 Gbits forward link channel supports high resolution monitors, 2560×1600, with single cable.
    • 8B/10B data transmittion.
    • Open and extensible standard to help with broad adoption.
    • supports color depth of 6,8,10,12and 16 bits per component.
    • Full bandwidth transmission
    • DisplayPort connector assists in blend connection by just feeling.
    • 128-bit AES DisplayPort Content Protection(DPCP) support, and support for 40-bit
      High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection(HDCP) from version 1.1 onwards.

    Enables Exciting New Display Designs
    Unique direct drive monitor (DDM) capability enables ultra-thin monitors
    Optional audio and HDCP enabled high definition content playback and built-in speakers on multi-function displays

    Ubiquitous Connectivity to Any Display
    Interoperability with DVI and HDMI signaling over DisplayPort Connector
    Compatibility with existing displays via simple adapters
    Multimode DisplayPort PCs can be connected to DVI, VGA and HDMI monitors and projectors.

    Reduces Wiring and enables Higher Performance in Laptops
    Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) enables lighter weight internal cabling
    Embedded DisplayPort reduces system power enabling longer notebook battery life
    Enables higher-performance notebook LCDs for emerging applications such as 3-D stereo, 120Hz refresh rates and the deepest color depths

  • Length: 1.8m
  • Color: Black