BNC To VGA/ S Video To VGA Converter

Use this converter box to change an analog s-video or BNC signal to a VGA signal for your computer monitor.

Allows you to play your BNC Signal (from CCTV Camera), or composite signal (CVBS, S-Video such as DVD, VCD, PS2, VOD, KTV etc.) to high quality VGA signal and excellent image quality in normal PC Monitor/CRT/LCD. This converter provides a low-cost but high quality solution for all CCTV systems, video cameras, etc. No costly monitor required
Easy installation. Plug and Play, No software or driver required

– 4 ft s-video cable
– 4ft VGA cable
– Power adapter


– Transform AV into VGA signal
– 1 channel video input
– 1 channel S-video input
– 1 channel VGA signal input
– 1 channel VGA signal output
– DC-5V outside power supply
– Supports signal: VIDEO, S-VIDEO, CVBS, VGA
– Support system : PAL/NTSC Output