7 Ports USB 3.0 Super Speed HUB External Power Supply 5v 4a

Product Name: 7 port USB3.0 HUB Hub(with power)
Color: black

Material: aluminum.
Interface: USB3.0


Product description:
USB HUB works to connect the device to the computer`s USB port, through
The built-in chip extended multiple USB interface for more use of USB devices. Have
The advantages of simple, rapid, USB HUB upgrade will be a lot of DIY users to extend
One of the essential equipment.
High-speed USB3.0 hub, the appearance of business is simple, the rectangular type placed on the desktop space is also easy to organize, rapid expansion to seven USB interface, support for connecting seven USB devices to use, the front LED indicator. The independent power of a 5V, 3.0 channel regulated power supply for the multiple devices at the same time stable power supply.


Package Contents:
1: USB3.0 7 port hub*1
2: USB data cable * 1