7 Colors LED Light Micro USB Charging Data Charging Cable


Type: USB 2.0
Length: About 3.3 ft(1m)
Color: White Cable, 7 Changing Colors Light

The cable will light up if being connected, but the brightness of the led light depends on the distance from the USB connector to the led, much further, much weaker. And the led light will be much effective in darker place.

Compatible with: Most Android smart phone and tablet with Micro USB port

Standard Micro USB Connector which could compatible with most devices that have Micro USB Port.
With LED lights in full cables, when charging or sync data, you will see Led Light Lights up, very beautiful and cool.
Sync Data through a USB Port of your Computer/PC/Laptop with this unique Led Light cable
Charge your device through a computer’s USB port or a USB power adapter. Note:the middle of the cable won’t be lighted up because it conducts light and could not glow itself when charging so you are kindly suggested to consider it before purchase but it worths having a try.