360 Rotating Rotate Cooling Pad Stand

This is a laptop stand composed entirely of ABS plastic. It measures approximately 11″ wide x 10.5″ long x 1″ deep when collapsed, and it weighs approx 500 gms. The stand is sized so that it can slip into a larger laptop Bag for those that need its services while traveling.This is sized to fit 12′ to 15′ notebook computers, An adjustable riser on the rear portion will raise the laptop’s rear from 1.25 through graduating increments up to 2.50″. The added rear elevation tilts the keyboard forward and raises the screen to a more comfortable eye level. An 2 inch high lip on the front of the stand keeps the computer from scooting; there is rubber pads on the lip that cushion the front edge of the laptop resting against the lip.As an added convenience, there is a plastic disk on the bottom of the stand which allows it to rotate 360 degree while holding the laptop.